Once more, impeachment season has officially begun. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Tuesday that he will be putting three House committees in charge of looking into whether President Biden profited from his son Hunter’s international business ventures. McCarthy said that the Biden administration granted Hunter “special treatment” in a criminal tax and gun probe, and that Biden had lied about knowing about his son’s financial activities. McCarthy accused the Biden family of having “a culture of corruption.”

The good news for McCarthy and the right-wing advocates of an impeachment probe is that the majority of Americans do appear to think that Hunter Biden’s business activities were, at most, dubious and, at most, unlawful.

However, Hunter Biden’s father is the focus of the impeachment investigation, not him. Although House Republicans may be able to collect bank records and other financial papers from Biden and his son as a result of the impeachment investigation, Republicans have not yet shown any hard proof linking the president to his son’s foreign business. Republicans are currently the ones who are more certain that Biden is responsible for Hunter’s misconduct, and the general public is more likely to view the Trump family than the Bidens as corrupt than the former president. Additionally, there isn’t a majority that believes an impeachment investigation is necessary, indicating that Republicans still need to persuade the public to back their investigation.

People believe that Hunter Biden benefited from his father’s status.


There is still more to be determined on all of the claims of a larger corruption network within the Biden family. Less debated, however, is the reality that Hunter Biden is the focus of an ongoing criminal investigation and has personally profited handsomely from international business ventures. The plea deal fell through when the judge, a Trump appointee, refused to “rubber-stamp” the agreement, claiming it wasn’t standard. Earlier this summer, he had agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanour counts of failing to pay taxes on millions of dollars of income in 2017 and 2018, with an additional agreement that could allow him to avoid a conviction on a separate illegal gun ownership charge. Republicans charged that Biden

Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered a special counsel in August to carry out further investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances after the government gave him a “sweetheart” arrangement.

The president’s son doesn’t look good in any of this, and according to recent polls, Americans don’t like what Hunter Biden has been doing. In August, following the failure of the plea agreement, a YouGov/The Economist poll revealed that 72% of Americans believed Hunter Biden personally benefited by his father’s roles in

government, with a slight majority of Democrats (53%) in favour. According to the same survey, only 17% of Americans have a positive opinion of Hunter Biden, while two-thirds (66%) have an unfavourable impression (an additional 17% stated they didn’t know). 59 percent of Americans believe that Hunter Biden capitalised on his family name and connections to power to obtain millions of dollars from foreign business contacts, according to a YouGov study conducted in August for Yahoo News. According to the same survey, 51% of Americans think that Hunter Biden should not have been allowed to claim tax deductions totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, according to an August Ipsos/Politico Magazine survey, 59% of Americans believe that Hunter Biden is responsible for the reported

crimes in the case of unpaid taxes, with 51% of Democrats involved. Remarkably, only 2 percent of respondents denied his culpability, while 38 percent said they had no idea.

However, the results of the YouGov/Economist survey indicate that most Americans believe most presidents’ children receive preferential treatment. According to the survey, 84% of participants believe that their parents’ positions in government allow their children to get away with things that other people cannot, and 85% believe that adult children occasionally personally benefit from their parents’ positions in government. Therefore, even if the majority of Americans believe that Hunter Biden has benefited financially by his father’s positions and even though a small percentage of Democrats believe that he probably committed crimes,

the actions might not come as a surprise or shock.

Republicans are more certain that Biden is responsible for Hunter’s transgressions.

It definitely isn’t necessary for Republicans to persuade Americans that Hunter Biden merits an inquiry or perhaps a criminal prosecution. However, that is not a relevant question in terms of his father’s impeachment. Republicans will need to demonstrate that the president engaged in financial misconduct or corruption serious enough to be grounds for impeachment in order to support their case. Republicans have also made statements thus far without providing any supporting data. McCarthy announced the investigation and claimed, without providing any proof, that Hunter Biden’s international earnings of millions of dollars were allegedly inappropriately distributed to Biden family members, and that Biden had utilised his official position as vice president to secure business for Hunter.

Further information linking Biden and his family to Hunter Biden’s business activities may,

Naturally, make an appearance. However, Americans haven’t yet come around to the notion that the Biden family is a part of a larger influence-peddling operation. In a lengthy plot to help Joe Biden profit from his position, Hunter Biden allegedly gave millions of money to his father. Of those surveyed in the Yahoo poll, 41% indicated they believed this, 26% denied it, and 33% said they were unsure. Comparably, 44% of respondents think that Biden certainly or probably broke the law in relation to Hunter Biden, compared to 32% who think he did not and 32% who stated they were unsure.

The fact that so many Americans are likely unaware of the accusations made against the Bidens is likely the reason why such a large percentage of respondents to these questions state they are unsure. Furthermore, a somewhat greater percentage of respondents to a another recent survey believe that Joe Biden may have acted unethically even if he did not break any laws. In August, SSRS/CNN conducted a poll in which 61% of Americans agreed that Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business transactions to some extent. However, 42% of respondents said Biden had broken the law, and 18% said he had acted unethically but not unlawfully. In a similar vein, a September Quinnipiac University survey revealed that 35% of Americans believed Biden was involved and took action.

criminal in Hunter Biden’s business ties with China and the Ukraine, while 37% believe he was not involved and that he was involved but did something unethical but not illegal.
However, as the following table demonstrates, Republicans are the ones who genuinely think that the Biden family is dishonest. It should come as no surprise that Democrats and independents are not entirely in agreement over the president’s actions. Of course, it’s feasible that increased media attention to the accusations driving the impeachment investigation — as well as any hard proof that may emerge along the process — would convince some of the sceptics and change their opinions.

Notably, the Yahoo News poll also revealed that although the percentage of Americans, including the percentage

The public does not believe that impeachment is necessary.

The majority of Americans don’t believe that Biden should be investigated for impeachment at this time, which may be most concerning for Republicans. In a late August GBAO/Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll for The Wall Street Journal, 52% of respondents said they were against impeaching Biden, while 41% agreed. More recently, a September 13 YouGov survey revealed that 44% of Americans support impeaching Biden, 41% are against it, and 15% are unsure. Americans were more evenly divided in early October 2019, when Trump’s first impeachment was beginning, based on our polling tracker. Furthermore, the majority of Americans favoured Trump’s impeachment following the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6; a small minority of Americans even continuously favoured removing Trump out of office before to the conclusion of his tenure.

In actuality, accusations of corruption against the Trumps are more contentious than those against the Bidens. 46 percent of Americans believe that Trump and his family are more corrupt than the Bidens, while 36 percent believe that the Bidens are more corrupt than the Trumps, according to a Yahoo News poll. Furthermore, according to a recent AP-NORC poll, Americans were more inclined to characterise Trump as “corrupt” than Biden. However, according to a September YouGov survey, Americans are more likely to believe that the impeachment investigation is driven by politics and intended to humiliate Biden (41 percent) than that it is a sincere endeavour to learn the truth (28 percent).


However, given that he was recently indicted by a grand jury on federal firearms charges, Hunter Biden’s legal issues are still a liability. According to a new Emerson College study, 46% of Americans say they will vote for Joe Biden in 2024 because of the felony gun charges and Hunter Biden tax, while 47% of voters say they will vote for Trump because of the indictments against him. Therefore, it’s probable that his father will suffer political repercussions as Hunter Biden’s probe goes on. Republicans, however, are now not only lacking proof that would link Biden to his son’s misconduct to the point of impeachment, but they are also losing support from the general public.


Additional polling bites:


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