A UN organisation that supports Palestine is losing money from the UK due to claims that some of its members were complicit in the October 7 attacks.

Israel has been under fire for allegedly attacking non-Hamas civilians.

There has been conjecture that the tunnels in Hamas are almost twice as large as previously believed due to Israel’s recent incursions into the tunnel system.

The Israelis’ discussion of possibly extending the war to Lebanon worries the United States.

Gaza, according to the UN humanitarian coordinator, “simply became uninhabitable.”

A World Court case alleging genocide against Israel has been lodged by South Africa. In Gaza, the Pope has called for a truce. Anthony Blinken has urged other nations to demand that Hamas submit.

An Israeli offer for a truce in return for 40 hostages has been rejected by Hamas.

Israel is having difficulty releasing its hostages. Three Israeli hostages were unintentionally killed by Israeli military in Gaza. Israel has declared that it will carry out its war on Hamas “with or without” international backing.

Biden is urging Israel to alter its strategy since they are losing support from around the world.

Pakistan has been asked by Hamas to assist in defeating Israel.

Israel has installed pumps to pour seawater into the tunnels used by Hamas.

Israel starts to encroach on Gaza’s south.

Since Hamas declined to issue any more insults directed at women, the Israel-Hamas conflict has returned.

Israel asserts that footage from CCTV shows that hostages were transferred to the Gaza hospital. An outage of communications in Gaza is being threatened by a shortage of fuel.

Iran has made it clear to Hamas that it will not attack Israel.

Israel’s assertion that Hamas operates out of hospitals has the support of the US. Amidst hospital fighting, Netanyahu opposes pleas for a truce. Tel Aviv sirens erupted in response to rockets fired by Hamas deep into Israel.

Israel has committed to stopping hostilities for four hours each day.

Israel has threatened to occupy Gaza for all time. The occupation of Gaza by Israel is condemned by the US. The head of Hezbollah has declared that the group would not go to war with Israel right now.

Israel has disagreed with the US demand that the war be put on hold. Yesterday, Joe Biden demanded that the Israel-Gaza war be put on hold.

Israel has dispatched troops to the Gaza tunnels used by Hamas. Israel’s military preparations suggest that the confrontation will be protracted and unrestricted. Israel has decided to postpone the ground assault of Gaza at the US’s request. Israel claims to have verified that 212 persons are being held captive in Gaza.

Canada is certain that Israel had nothing to do with the bombing of the Gaza hospital. The rockets that struck a hospital in Gaza were fired from within Palestine, according to an AP analysis.

All sides of the Israel-Hamas war are very troubled by the destruction of a hospital in Gaza, as it is unclear who is to blame.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to Israel.

Ukraine fears that if Israel and Hamas fight for a long time, international support for their cause will dwindle. According to documents reviewed by Sky News, Hamas spent a year plotting the attack against Israel. Israel intends to invade Gaza in order to overthrow the Hamas administration.

The State Department claims that Egypt alerted Israel three days prior to the Hamas strike on Israel.

Israel is preventing Gaza from receiving help until the hostages are freed.

Iran was forewarned by the US not to intervene in the Israeli conflict. Iran reportedly assisted Hamas in organising the Israel attack, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A sizable contingent of Hamas militants broke over the strongly defended border between Gaza from southern Israel on Saturday, launching an unexpected onslaught on Israel. There are still missile strikes in southern Israel. Under heavy rocket fire cover, this attack claimed the lives of at least 600 Israelis, making it the bloodiest day of bloodshed in the nation’s history.

Over 370 people were killed in Israel’s fast retaliation airstrikes on Gaza, according to Palestinian sources. During the combat, the Israeli forces claimed to have detained many Palestinian gunmen and killed 400 of them.

By Sunday morning, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) had secured 22 places; nevertheless, there were still eight “points of engagement” where soldiers were searching houses one by one.

Verify safety or pinpoint potential terrorist threats. Some locals who lived close to the Gaza border were evacuated.

Gaza quickly became a dangerous place for Palestinians, with many casualties and extensive destruction. The IDF reported hitting 426 Hamas targets, including key commanders’ homes and the organization’s intelligence section compound. Following IDF warnings of imminent air assaults, thousands of Palestinians took refuge in UN clinics and schools.

Concerns were also raised regarding Israeli soldiers and civilians—including women and children—who were allegedly being kept captive in Gaza by Hamas. As the IDF replied against Hezbollah rocket attacks in southern Lebanon, international tensions increased and a wider regional confrontation was put at risk.

While international efforts to mediate a ceasefire are ongoing, the situation remains very unpredictable, with both sides incurring casualties and significant damage.


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