On Tuesday, the former president Donald Trump made a comeback to the campaign trail, attending events in Wisconsin and Michigan, two crucial Midwestern states. President Biden has no public engagements planned while he is in Washington.

There isn’t much that is more flammable than Donald Trump with a gag order. Trump’s independence notwithstanding, that mixture is smouldering once more.

Officials in Nebraska are under pressure from a well-known Trump ally to alter the state’s electoral vote distribution process.

Nebraska is one of only two states without a winner-take-all system, in which the state’s electoral votes are awarded to the winner of the statewide contest. Instead, the victors of the congressional districts and the state will share Nebraska’s electoral votes. Among these is a swing seat in the Omaha region that President Biden won in 2020 despite Trump’s resounding victory in the state.

Turning Point USA’s founder and CEO, Charlie Kirk, urged his roughly 3 million X followers to contact state legislators and Governor Jim Pillen (R) of Nebraska on Tuesday, urging them to “demand their state stop pointlessly giving strength to their political enemies.”

Top Trump campaign official Chris LaCivita reposted Kirk’s remark. Other public steps by the Trump campaign to promote a vote have not been made, and a request for comment from a spokeswoman was not immediately answered.

According to Kirk, a bill that would turn Nebraska into a winner-take-all state is already “ready to go.” However, at this time in the state’s legislative term, which ends on April 18, it doesn’t seem probable that it will become law.

Despite the support of Republican secretary of state Bob Evnen, the Republican leadership has not indicated that they plan to consider the bill, according to Common Cause Nebraska executive director Gavin Geis. The state’s unicameral legislature normally needs three planned votes on a bill before it is passed.

Geis stated on Tuesday that “there are some really big issues that are waiting here to be debated, and they will take up a lot of time.” “Unless there is some crazy manoeuvre, it is just not going to be considered if it has not made it out of committee at this point.”

In a statement released late on Tuesday afternoon, Pillen expressed his support for the plan and urged state lawmakers to approve it.

“I have been a steadfast backer of Senator Lippincott’s winner-take-all measure (LB 764) since the beginning. It would ensure that Nebraska speaks with a single, cohesive voice in presidential elections, better reflect the intent of the founders, and put Nebraska in line with 48 of our neighbouring states, according to Pillen. “I implore my fellow Republicans in the legislature to approve this bill and send it to my desk for signature.”

The only other state that has an electoral vote distribution mechanism like this is Maine.

Even though Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District only receives one electoral vote, Democrats now value it more than ever. Prior to Trump’s victory in 2016, the party could depend on the “blue wall” of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to win presidential elections. However, after redistricting, several of these states’ electoral vote totals were down.

In response to Trump’s remarks in Michigan, President Biden said on social media that he would make an announcement regarding abortion the following week. The statement was made in response to a reporter’s outburst on the six-week prohibition that Florida is imposing.

In a tweet shared on his personal account on X, Biden wrote, “You already made your statement, Donald,” alongside a screenshot of a social media boast from Trump claiming that he was “able to kill Roe v. Wade” and that “without me, there would be no 6 weeks.”

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