The biggest cruise ship ever built is a step backward for the environment

The biggest cruise ship in the world is ready to go. Because it runs on liquefied natural gas, the ship emits so much methane into the atmosphere that it is really worse for the environment than conventional oil ships.

Greenland is shedding thirty million tons of ice per hour, according to a research. According to recent study, bottom trawling contributes significantly to atmospheric carbon emissions. For the fifth year in a row, the ocean has surpassed the heat record. The hottest year ever recorded was 2023.

The Danish government is raising the airfare tax.

After being cemented to the ocean floor for thirty years, the largest iceberg in the world is now moving.

The ozone hole is the biggest that have occurred in the previous three years.

The richest 1% of people on the planet emit the same amount of carbon as the poorest two-thirds.

Located in Saudi Arabia, the largest single-site solar farm in the world is currently operational. “Small but significant steps” have been taken by the US and China to mitigate climate change. It’s very likely that 2023 will be the hottest year in the previous 125,000 years.

Nestle and Coca-Cola have come under fire for allegedly lying about utilizing recycled plastic.

Despite the fact that millions of people cannot afford gas or heating oil, British Petroleum has reported a $3.3 billion profit. Carbon emissions could accelerate the critical temperature rise of 1.5ºC.

According to a recent study, melting of the West Antarctic ice shelf is inevitable. The criteria used to measure climate change on the planet, known as “vital signs,” are worse than they have always been. The Amazon had a 57% decrease in deforestation in September and a 66% decrease in July.

The destruction of the Amazon rainforest is outpacing the ability of its species and even the climate to respond. In Antarctica, an iceberg the size of London has broken off the Brunt Ice Shelf. The Met Office reports that 2022 was the sixth-warmest year ever recorded.

Because of the severe storms that hit the state, a large portion of California is no longer in the worst drought category. In related climatic news, Europe is having an exceptionally warm summer, shattering thousands of records. Simultaneously, an arctic storm killed around a hundred individuals and left over a million without power. Ten thousand or more flights were canceled on Christmas Eve, a Saturday.

The intensity of the storm may be related to climate change. The globe is using more coal than ever, according to a recent report from the International Energy Agency.

The UN has suggested that countries that contribute to climate change should face criminal penalties. Parallel to this, the EU enacted legislation prohibiting the sale of goods produced on deforested land beyond 2020.

In related climate change news, Western US cities are getting rid of ornamental grass in order to conserve water.

The current drought in the Western United States and Mexico is the worst in 1,200 years. In the meantime, a study published by the New Climate Institute charges that major corporations like Google, Apple, and Facebook are not acting swiftly enough to slow down climate change, and even worse, they’re overstating their advancement.

The fact that all of the snow at the Olympics in Beijing is artificial is concerning for the environment and for future winter games. A significant ecological catastrophe could result from the Great Salt Lake’s disappearance. According to recent research, the excessive heat in the oceans may have reached a tipping point in 2014, indicating that warmer waters are now the new normal.

Global catastrophes caused by climate change cost the world around $100 billion last year. This month, Alaska experienced temperatures above 67º F, which set a record for December. With the temperature continuing to warm, the weather has brought on torrential rains and increases the risk of significant flooding.

The yearly Global Carbon Budget Report states that the earth has eleven years to avoid  dire climate scenarios.

The fossil fuel industry has the largest delegation attending the COP26 climate summit. This could be the reason behind Greta Thunberg’s criticism of the COP26 climate summit. The fact that COP26 was a disaster is no secret. The obvious conclusion is that we cannot resolve a crisis using the same strategies that brought it on,” the speaker stated. Japan has declined to sign the declaration about ceasing to operate coal-powered facilities, seemingly to emphasize her point.

The CEO of Exxon is facing charges of lying to Congress about the company’s attempts to conceal its knowledge of its role in climate change.

According to a significant document leak, affluent countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia (among others) are pressuring the UN to slow their shift away from climate change. Wealthy nations are also questioning why they should pay poor countries to shift towards green technologies.

A metastudy of of nearly 90,000 climate studies reveal that 99.9% of studies agree that humans caused climate change, effectively quashing the argument that there’s any kind of debate.

A major document leak has revealed that wealthy nations like Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia (among others) are pressuring the UN to slow their shift away from climate change. Wealthy nations are also questioning why they should pay poor countries to shift towards green technologies.

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