I sincerely hope you find this article as enjoyable and helpful as we did in creating it. We are always adding meaningful and charming moments, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or corrections. We are happy to hear courteous disagreements. Since we are actively theorising, the chronology interpretation may require some revisions over time. When I did saw it, I had a great time! It was really funny, I laughed so much. Among the new episodes, I believe this one to be my favourite.

Many of your remarks struck me as well, particularly the one regarding Taehyung’s sincere attempt to persuade Jungkook to accept his five. It was incredibly beautiful that he didn’t want to let Jungkook down.

In addition, I thought it was adorable when Jungkook approached Taehyung at the beginning of the championship game and Taehyung remarked, “You’re not here,” in a very gentle tone, expressing his doubt that Jungkook was a member of his team. others was quite evident.

Additionally, Taehyung was kicking ass the entire time that Jungkook pretended to be on his team, and Jungkook actually didn’t seem to lie to him—it was all extremely adorable.

I felt awful for Jimin since, for whatever reason, the majority of his team was not doing much to support him. Nevertheless, he prevailed, and his acceptance speech had me in stitches. He’s hilarious.

All in all, I felt that this episode was really wonderful, enjoyable, and charming. It appeared as though they were all content, even though Taehyung was once again showing off her mind-game skills and Jungkook was acting like a little chaotic gremlin.

to be having fun as a group. It was very pleasant. Indeed, I concur; there were numerous instances of how much Tae and Jungkook think of one another, how conscious of one another they are, and how frequently they align themselves. Really, I don’t think he does. If that makes sense? I think he occasionally touches Jin’s ears; however, maybe this is just me seeing through my TK goggles. That seems to me more like bothersome touching than loving touching.

He seems to be touching Jungkook because he wants to touch him as he touches his ears. When Tae touches Jin’s ears, it’s usually done randomly or with no apparent purpose; it looks like he’s attempting to evoke a reaction from him, similar to how he touches Jin most of the time.

It’s interesting that I was just discussing this with a friend since we were attempting to determine whether other participants also touched each other’s ears. We discovered that Jin occasionally touches Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s ears as well—just theirs and no one else’s, that is, until we noticed that Jungkook touches Tae’s ears on occasion (albeit not as frequently as before).

I wouldn’t be shocked if Tae occasionally touched Hobi’s ears as well, but I can’t really recall any situations in which he did. Is that right to say that it seems like a “babying” thing to do? If that interpretation is accurate, it could explain why Jin does it to both of them, why Tae and JK do it to each other, and why it might be Tae’s attempt to make Jin feel more at ease.

Naturally, these are merely theories. I appreciate you asking this question. Whatever the cause, I find this practice to be very endearing.

Since I only went down the BTS rabbit hole a little more than a year ago, I’m still pretty new. However, I believe there are a few reasons behind the hate directed at Taekookers and Taekook in general.

One is that it is a very well-liked ship, therefore I believe that based only on numbers, it kind of gets used as a scapegoat.

One reason for this is that certain really vocal Taekookers go crazy with their theories, and some of them are terrible to and about specific other members. These people essentially end up being the “face” of Taekook for many other fans. And finally, I think that the fact that we believe in something for which they feel there is no evidence just really irritates a lot of people.

Many people genuinely believe that Taekook has no substance at all. This belief is primarily a result of the fact that Taekook wasn’t depicted interacting much in official content for a number of years (perhaps as early as 2015, but at least from 2016 until the end of 2019 or so).

Of course, there are still a tonne of indications from that era that Taekook were close; in fact, Big Hit has been releasing evidence of this for a long time. One such example is the 2019 DVD SYS The Final. And that’s not even considering all the lots of basis starting in 2020 and going thereafter.

However, folks form their own narratives and find it difficult to be persuaded from them. I believe that some of these individuals become really irate when they discover that there is a portion of the fandom that views the same things as us and is similarly resistant to persuasion.

All of those ingredients come together to make for a very terrible cocktail, and sadly, this often affects not only how some fans feel about Taekookers but also about Taekook themselves; all of a sudden, they are held accountable for their interactions based solely on how some of us choose to interpret them.

It’s a mess, but I fear that mess is inevitable in a fandom this size. “The period of Jikook’s popularity” You make it sound like we’re in a bygone period, as if I don’t receive daily recommendations for Jikook tweets.

In any case, I appreciate your nice remarks! Thank you for enjoying the blog. I apologise for taking so long to reply; I haven’t visited this site in a while.

To be honest, I think the same things about all the other ships. The members seem to be close to one another in different ways. Each couple has a special relationship and manner of relating to one another, and they are all entertaining to watch. One of my favourite things about BTS is that I get different things from them just as they get different things from each other.

However, I don’t believe Taekook and anyone else are displaying any signs of a possible love relationship.

Regarding Taejin in particular, I believe that Tae likes to tick off Jin. Sometimes Jin gets pretty irritated with this, but most of the time, Jin is really tolerant. I think their connection is incredibly wonderful; it’s obvious that Tae is like a kid to Jin in many ways, but it’s also really nice that Taehyung makes an effort to express how much he appreciates Jin.

Yoonmin They argue a lot and Yoongi allows Jimin get away with a lot, which makes them intriguing in my opinion. However, they don’t exactly strike me as two of the, for lack of a better term, “closer” members. Though perhaps you understand what I mean, I don’t think it makes sense to compare the members’ levels of intimacy as a criterion in this situation. Yoongi appears to have a warm place for Jimin, but they don’t appear to spend a lot of time together specifically.

These are my readings on those specific relationships, although as I previously stated, I don’t really see any signs of possible romantic ties amongst any of the members other than Taehyung along with Jungkook.

If you’re still here, maybe this satisfied your curiosity! Again, thank you!

Although it’s not a given, his explanation suggests that Taehyung was present when he submitted the pictures of Jungkook. That appears likely to be the case given that Taehyung stated in real time on June 13th that he didn’t have a tattoo yet and would go with Jungkook.

In addition, someone noticed that, a few days after June 18th, if you squint, you can kind of see the 7 on his calf from before he departed for Paris Fashion Week:

I believe that was the actual tattoo, even though I am aware of the image you are referring to from the August Vogue shoot. I acknowledge that the tattoo appears to be slightly different in that particular photo. Considering that he appears to be reclining on the couch and that his knee is hidden, I believe that the perspective in that picture is a little incorrect.

With the contrast somewhat increased, you can fairly clearly see that it’s the 7 in the same location as these other photos: This is a zoomed in portion of another photo from the session, the one where he’s standing up.

Thus, it seems very obvious to me now that Tae acquired the tattoo after June 13th, having gotten it before the end of June—that is, about the same time as Jungkook. We now have numerous pieces of evidence proving that PolyC created the tattoo, including Taehyung’s own admission that he intended to get the tattoo with Jungkook and PolyC’s implied statement that Taehyung was in his studio when he posted about Jungkook (and probably only then, though he could have requested the autograph at a later time).

Although it’s not official yet, all the evidence seems to indicate that they most likely got their tattoos together.

I appreciate my friend’s assistance in sorting through the timetable and giving me pictures You’re the greatest, lol!

Yes, if by “so many parallels” you mean that they both seem to have been made just for me.

All kidding aside, they do share a lot of the European aesthetic of the 19th century, which gives the impression that the two notions may be connected.

Though it’s very possible that they discussed their views, in all honesty, I think that in the end, they had quite separate beliefs that only occurred to slightly intersect in a historical setting. If nothing else, it demonstrates that their tastes in aesthetics and concepts is quite similar.

In addition, they are both quite stunning! I’m completely enamoured with Taehyung’s notion and can’t get enough of it.

I’m doing great, but I’m really busy with other things, and not much is happening with Taekook right now, so there isn’t much to talk about on this blog, especially since I have other priorities to attend to like finishing up a tonne of work before the end of the year and planning a tonne of activities with friends and family.

Additionally, it seems like we have been discussing a lot of the same topics lately. I receive a lot of inquiries about related subjects that I and many others in this community have discussed extensively, so it doesn’t seem worthwhile to go over all of those ideas again. I make an effort to make this blog user-friendly and accessible, so All of such historical subjects are visible to the public.

I am choosing to be a little more selective about the questions I choose to answer because of that, my busy schedule, and the fact that I frequently get asked questions for which I’m not really sure how to reply. That being said, I hope everyone can realise that I’m just one person.

I’m not leaving, so even though things might be sluggish and quiet around here for a bit, feel free to use the inquire box if you have any questions! I’m definitely still around, so you never know when I might make a random post as well.

Once again, I appreciate you stopping by. I hope everyone is having a good end to the year!

Furthermore, we’ve only ever seen Tae smoke exactly once. And we’ve witnessed him smoke, as far as I can tell? It is somewhat distinct. It smells very different, to start. Additionally, doing it indoors (in a flat in a big city, for example) is easier. To be honest, though, we have no idea how frequently he performs either of those actions.

I believe that Tae smokes occasionally, especially if vaping isn’t as convenient as smoking, and that he probably does so because he enjoys it and may see benefits from it (such as appetite control and stress relief). Smoking is also likely, given that smoking is a fairly common practice in South Korea.

He’s anxious about something; the Grammy performance, for example.

To me, it just doesn’t seem like a huge thing, and it seems pointless to attempt to make it the basis for a major issue in TK’s fictitious relationship.

That’s all, thank you for reading this long. I appreciate it, how you take interest and read it hope you enjoy it see you in next blog. 

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