In this prior to his debut, Jungkook talked about his memories.

An ambitious 14-year-old trainee set out on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Los Angeles during the summer of 2012.


Before making his BTS debut, Jungkook went to the US to pursue dance studies. He wrote a blog post on his memories on February 6, 2013, and it has now surfaced again. “An Ordinary Maknae Trainee’s Dancing Training Abroad In America,” is the title he gave it. What he wrote was this.

“Hello, I’m Jungkookie Since this is my first time posting, I’m anxious. I wanted to share with you the pictures I took during our dancing training trip to the United States in July and August of last year. –-. I’m becoming aware of how young I was when I look back on these pictures. I believe I look better today than I did when I took these pictures, hehe

This is when I got on the plane that was going to the United States. The sound of Jungkook’s pounding heart is “두뷼두뷼두뷼.” I’ve never taken a lengthy flight before 쑐근뷼뷼.

“To excel as a dancer, I spent approximately one month training in Los Angeles.”
I snapped this picture as soon as I stepped off the aircraft. I appear worn out. I suppose I spent roughly 12–13 hours on the plane, which was my first time ever.~”

We pulled over and shot some photos because the view was so beautiful on the way to our dorm.
Oh my god. 

We probably took two or three dancing lessons, although they weren’t as challenging as I had anticipated. But after the second lesson, I started to lose my mind. I was unable to comprehend their words 😧. The level of difficulty was significantly higher than in the first lesson.

Before going to our class in the mornings, we would get breakfast at a local Korean restaurant.
The Korean food kept me from feeling homesick.-

“We played at the beach since we didn’t
have lessons on the weekends!
We went to a restaurant since we were hungry, but the owners were Korean. The
owner’s son noticed that we were Korean, but at first they spoke in English as
if I was a foreigner. We were even given the drink on the left at no cost.
Regards, Hyung.-

delicious” That day was so hot that we nearly passed out while eating,

We went to the laundrette roughly once or twice a week because we had a lot of lessons and needed to change clothing frequently. To be honest, I found it a little annoying.

We went to an art gallery to visit an exhibition, and because nobody was on the steps, I struck a Nike posture and snapped a picture!
I think that looks extremely great, hahahahhaha!
When I initially started learning choreographed dancing, I learned this choreography. I’m a little ashamed because I made a lot of mistakes in the later sections. Hee hee
I think I’ve come a long way, judging from this and the practice video I published a few days ago.

MOVEMENT LIFE STYLE is that. That is the location where I learned my lessons.

present wasn’t anybody present because I arrived early for the lesson.

I started skateboarding for the first time after purchasing a skateboard in the United States!

Of Finally, I will say this: Nike 2!!!!!

TMI: After moving to America, I decided that I preferred to be a dancer over making my BTS debut. All I want to do is dance. In order to persuade me, the members purchased ice cream.

That’s for today and don’t forget to tell me who’s your bias in BTS. 

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