5 devices to transform your house into a haven for self-care

5 devices to transform your house into a haven for self-care

5 devices to transform your house into a haven for self-care Some people get their energy from being home, while others get their energy from going out and interacting with people. Whether you’re curled up on the couch to binge watch Netflix, enjoying a hot beverage while devouring a book, or engaging in mindfulness exercises […]

Watermarks will be added to photos taken with Snap’s AI-powered tools.

The social media startup Snap said on Tuesday that it would be watermarking AI-generated photos on its network. To identify an artificial intelligence (AI)-generated image, the platform is adding a little ghost logo with a glitter emblem. According to the corporation, the watermark will show up when the photo is saved to the camera roll […]

What Is the Process by Which Google Determines “Quality”?

More information about how content quality affects webpage indexing is provided by Google. highlights In order to establish a webpage’s ranking in search results, Google evaluates its quality during indexing. Because it is crawled more frequently, high-quality content has an advantage over others. Google also disclosed that proper HTML structure and optimization of the core […]

41 Best Practices & Tips For Making Outstanding Webinars

Do you want to enhance your webinars? View this guide to discover 41 best practices for audience targeting, lead generation, and conversion optimization. For marketers, webinars may be an extremely useful tool. If executed correctly, they can:

Google Describes the Selection Process for Canonical Pages

In a Google Search Central video, Gary Illyes from Google described a portion of the process of indexing webpages that includes choosing canonicals, defining canonicals for Google, and providing a synopsis of webpage signals. He also mentioned the focal point of a page and described what Google does with duplicates, suggesting a different perspective on […]

Will AI Take the Place of SEO Experts?

Does AI pose a risk to SEO experts? Learn how generative AI is affecting SEO and what it means for professionals in the field. The question of whether AI is going to replace all of human occupations must be asked in light of the growth of generative AI and its incorporation into the majority of […]

Theory vs. practice: automating SEO reports

If you’ve experimented with SEO reporting, you are aware that the more manual reporting you have to complete, the more unpleasant it gets. How then can you release the burden from yourself? by putting the tedious parts to rest. In this post, I’ll explain how to quickly and simply automate your SEO reports with just […]