There is a long blog post ahead.

I can’t promise that all of the information is accurate because I got it from a variety of sources.

I’m going to continue my series of 100 facts today. The primary character of today is our Globally Gorgeous Jin. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of fascinating information about him. Now let’s go on.

1. Jin was a very reserved student who ate alone herself most of the time. He claims that he detests loud environments in general.

2. His childhood dream was to work as a detective. His aim as a teenager was to become the best detective in Korea, therefore he was surprised to find himself a singer instead.

3. Prior to his debut, he was seen as a sweet maknae who paid attention to his parents.


  1. Four is his favourite number.5. Meat, lobster, chicken, Nengmyun (cold noodles), and any type of fried cuisine are my favourites.

    6. My favourite items are the Nintendo, Super Mario, and Maple Story figurines.

  2. Autumn is his favourite season.

    8. He used to say that his favourite colour was pink, but now he claims it’s blue.9. Jin enjoys the colour pink because his mother used to buy him pink items a lot when he was younger.

    10. According to members, Jin and his mother can converse for hours.

    11. He is a dog lover. in particular, pups. Jjanggu is the name of his dog.
    12. Jin enjoys his plump mouth.

    13. He has terrible memory recall for dance moves. But he constantly gets aid with it from V and J-Hope.

    14. He and V watch anime together a lot.

    15. Jimin and Jin regularly attend the gym together.

  3. Jin enjoys trying out new dishes. Since J-Hope is the only person who will tell him straight out whether anything tastes good or not, he always gives it to him to try before he prepares anything new.17. Jin expressed how much he enjoyed J-Hope seaweed soup and how it brought back memories of his mother’s cooking.

    18. He feels a throbbing in his left eye when he is hungry.

    19. He once spent nearly a year on a diet, eating just chicken breast.

    20. He like blueberries but not too much coffee.

    21. Jin once claimed that when he eats, he feels joyful and that all of a sudden, singing angels surround him.

  4. Jin recalls a Valentine’s Day many years ago, saying, “I made some chocolate for my mother on that day.” I attempted to melt an entire package of chocolate, but it burned for some reason. Back then, my mother used to get really irate.23. When Jin was thirteen, he had a girlfriend. However, the girl betrayed him.

    24. Jin received sixteen roses on Valentine’s Day despite attending an all-boys high school.

  5. He is a licenced driver.26. He wants to host the Sunday morning cooking show as the Master Chef.

    27. Where were you first visited?

    A: When I was in elementary school, my parents and I took a trip to Singapore. Since there isn’t a McDonald’s in my hometown, I was ecstatic when we went there.

    Your very first CD purchase?

    A: “Gee” by SNSD sunbae-nim. I bought it because my friends did.

    29. Jin’s pink socks are the most valuable piece of pink clothing she possesses.

    30. Jin dislikes wearing her prescribed spectacles despite having poor vision. He claims that he lacks confidence in them.

  6. Jin originally studied to be an actor, but Bang PD forced him to take dancing and singing classes instead.32. He once saw a stranger in the practice area before to his debut (V). V approached him and began dancing around Jin without warning.

    33. He wasn’t a big fan of Suga at first. However, they are now lifelong roommates.

  7. Suga once declared that he would have married Jin if he had been a lady because of his excellent cooking and housekeeping habits.35. He enjoys it so much when Jungkook performs Aegyo for him.
  8. With whom would you prefer to share a room? – Jungkook. I feel at ease (with him) since we have always shared. Additionally, he consistently sends things like face lotions so that he may help me out (lend me something) when I forget something. We also have real chats when it’s just the two of us; typically, I give Jungkook a lot of advise.
  9. According to RM, Jin always prepares chicken breast and fried rice for them because it has a lot of nutrients. However, they always believe they are eating insects when they eat it.38. : What is your family communication method?

    A: I communicate with my parents on a regular basis. My mom and I normally talk for thirty to an hour, sometimes even longer—up to two hours. We merely discuss how we’ve been doing. My dad and I speak once a week on average. (Interviewer: Your dad must be really lonely.) I do that for a reason. Usually, my mom and I chat during dinner so they can spend time together. I accept that opportunity to talk to my father as well.

    39. My parents and I travelled to Europe while I was in elementary school. I limited my gaming to the hotel, the bed, and the train. I thought it looked just like the scenery outside our house, but my mom insisted that it wasn’t better to gaze outdoors. It’s really unfortunate, now that I think about it.

  10. Q Besides your loved ones, friends, and music, name three things you are “thanks for your existence” for.JIN: entertainment, bed, and rice. I am a simple person, so even if I only eat something, I’ll be content (smile). I still want to eat some even if I’m full. However, I don’t think it’s good. I actually really adore sleeping, therefore if I’m not hungry, I want to sleep all day. I enjoy rolling about on the bed a lot. ♥ I enjoy entertainment because it makes me feel good and can alter my mood. Say, “I want to feel high today,” and then watch some GLORIOUS films. I truly enjoy how simple it is to feel emotion from movies, television dramas, comic books, and animation.

    41. When do you normally feel giddy aside from performing on stage?

    A: Right before I eat! Upon hearing the phrase “let’s eat!” I will instantly get up, regardless of how exhausted I am or how much I want to sleep. Another is the time we leave for home once our day’s activities are over.

  11. What challenges have you overcome since making your debut?A: I was always the sort to become worried very easily. But after making my debut, I can put all of my worries and difficulties behind me when the day is done. That’s an incredible skill. However, there are drawbacks as well, as I tend to overlook the positive aspects as well (laughs).

    43. In your debut, what would you like to say to yourself?

    A: “It would be nice if you could relax a bit more,” is what I want to tell myself. “You’ll change and grow gradually,” as well.

    44. Q: It appears that you are gathering Polaroids?

    A: When it was my birthday, I got a lot of polaroids from fans. It was a chance to begin gathering and it’s currently almost half an album. I will not reveal the polaroids I have collected of myself. My son alone will be able to view them! There are photos of me in my undies, which is just too personal.

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